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Love Letters Win Hearts.
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Love Letters Win Hearts.
Become a Master of Romantic
Writing - with the push of a button.

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“When you want to feel good, write a love letter.”
- Dr. John Grey, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Dear Friend:

Seducing your sweetheart and captivating their heart has never been easier.

In doing so, I Discover the single best way to get into your lover's heart .

Send a love letter - straight from your heart. 

And now, it's sexy, romantic, and it's easy – with a little help from Love Letters Now .

And your lover doesn't even have to know it.

Wouldn't you love to penetrate the heart of your sweetheart?

Now you can - again and again and again !

You can send them romantic love letters , sexy love letters , even playful love letters.

And for those of you who have a traveling spouse , or a long distance relationship, there are dozens of love letters to bridge the distance and stay connected.

With the Love Letters Now collection, you'll be able to edit our love letter templates to include your special greeting, personal words and intimate thoughts.

Our extensive collection includes:

• Enduring Love
• Love and Laughter
• Just Met
• First Time “I Love You”
• Friendship
• Secret Admirer
• Unrequited Love
• Love at the Office
• Love On-Line
• Love Fantasy
• Anniversary
• Birthdays
• Graduation
• Mother’s Day

• Erotic
• Famous Celebrity
• Valentine’s Day
• Wedding
• Long Distance Romance
• Expressions of Gratitude
• I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me
• Breaking Up
• Child to Parent
• Parent to Child
• Lunch Box Notes to children
• Military In Love
• Support For Our Military
• Father's Day

Some people say that just reading our collection of love letters is so inspiring , they're able to create their own unique love letter. Others combine more than one letter to really captivate their lover.

Here's the good news :

If you're not good at putting your thoughts on paper, or maybe you just don't like to write, you're not alone.

And that's exactly why I created – for people just like you.

You can send our love letters exactly as they are , without writing a single word!

Send A Love Letter Now!

Plus I'll Give You
Four FREE Bonuses

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Win the heart of your loved one with a love poem! We’ll include our Love Poems collection, which you can also customize and send over the Internet!
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So if you want to captivate your lover , don't waste another moment.

I'm even giving you my personal guarantee:

100% Risk Free Guarantee

We're so certain that you and your loved one will fall in love with our Love Letters– that we offer you a 100% 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee when you purchase our entire collection from our secure server for a one time fee of $39.95.

Here's to love and romance - for you and your sweetheart!

P.S. Be sure to check out all the extra bonuses I've included when you order the Love Letters Now collection. All this for $39.95! And our love letters are available here, instantly on this website. Click here to order now!

P.P.S. LoveLettersNow comes with my 100% guarantee.(Order now through our secure server and get instant access!)
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Send A Love Letter Now!

Read these notes from actual Members:

I purchased the entire love letter package. The love letters are great, and fun too. My husband is away on business a lot, we then communicate by e-mail. These are just a nice way to keep things warm between us. We have been married for 25 years and the kids have all grown up and are doing there own thing now. We stayed very much in love and these letters are just a little icing on the cake.

Thanks again


When I came across your site, I was extremely skeptical.  I tried out your sample love letters first to see just what it was all about.  When you sent the first one, I revised it a little, and gave it a try.  I didn't know what kind of response I would get, but I tried anyway. When I got the response, God it was worth it.  I had to buy the rest of it.  They are truly supreme in letting someone know how you feel, when I couldn't come up with the right words and how to convey it.
These are awesome!!!!
Thank you so much!!
Kathy Bratz

Thank You so much for your love letters and wow they are something else.

How do you write so well from your heart and sole..... You must be a great inspiration for so many how do you do it.

Thanking your support and generosity deeply.

Kind Regards,


I was skeptical about the idea of using someone else's words to express my most personal feelings. But I liked how I could take your love letters and add my own words. As a result, I felt comfortable about sending a love letter. In fact, I'm sending my wife a bunch of them!


Dear Romance Queen:

Our love life is burning hot, thanks to the love letter I sent my wife for our anniversary. It seems it was just the kick our romantic life needed.


I just wanted to tell you how great I think your love letters product is ...

I live in the jungles of Guatemala ... my partner and I had been having some problems ... I am not even sure exactly why ... but i ordered your love letters ... and lo and behold, they were SO PERFECT. I wrote one out and left it under his plate when I went out!  It shifted the energy SO FAST and SO COMPLETELY that I am still dazed!!  I have recommended them to my daughter-in-law (in Canada ) and will continue to recommend them whenever appropriate! 

Thank you so much ...

Anne L.

My boyfriend has never been really romantic. So you can imagine how I felt when I received a love letter from him. He says you helped him create the perfect one, so for that I had to write and say “thank you from the bottom of my heart.” It made me cry with joy. You helped him put his thoughts into words, and as a result, I've never felt more loved!

Jennifer S.

Your collection of love letters is fabulous! I sent one to my husband. He was so surprised and delighted! Thanks for making it so fun and easy to send a love message.”
– Bonnie Ross Parker, Author, The Joy of Connecting


Send A Love Letter Now!

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